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About Us

About Us

We knew that functional fitness athletes of all skill levels deserved a challenge that was truly unique. So, we set out to create an event that wasn’t just another obstacle course or weightlifting competition – something that would test the all-around functional fitness of participants. And boy, did we deliver! Our event provides a fun and challenging experience that’s perfect for athletes of all levels.

But what’s a good workout without a little playtime? That’s why we’ve added an expo, food trucks, and a beer garden with local brews to the mix. Our “work hard, play hard” mentality ensures that everyone can enjoy themselves after pushing their limits in the ultimate functional fitness challenge. Come join us and see what you’re really made of!


Our Team

Joe White

Joe White

Joe is our business and finance nerd. He's a former collegiate athlete and a serial sports and entertainment entrepreneur who also happens have a Masters in Accounting. He's built businesses and worked with some of the biggest personalities and brands in sports. He'll make sure you get a great bang for your buck!

James Cross

James is our event production expert. He has been organizing events around the globe for more than a decade from large trade shows to small intimate events. He’ll make sure to create an event for you that’ll you’ll never forget!

Stephanie Ring

Stephanie is in charge of all things athletically and competition based. She's a gymnast, world famous yoga instructor (featured in Oxygen, Box, Muscle & Form) and Level III CrossFit coach. She has an annoyingly long list of credentials, accomplishments and experience in the fitness and event spaces that make her the perfect person to put together a workout that will leave you feeling crispy.


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