A Circuit Style Fitness Event for Everyone

 September 17th | San Diego, CA

San Diego’s First Circuit Style Challenge and Fitness Festival

Welcome to The Limitless Fitness Challenge!

Taking place outdoors in San Diego’s Beautiful Liberty Station Park, This NEW adrenaline-fueled challenge features 4 Circuit Style Workout Zones designed to test your overall fitness level.

With High Intensity and Low Intensity Options, no barbells and no technical movements,  the Circuit Challenge is designed to be enjoyable everyone regardless of fitness level!

Post Challenge, take in the day and enjoy our Fitness Festival and Expo featuring beer garden, food trucks and local San Diego Vendors.  Also LFC is family friendly, so kids are welcome! 

Register today and get ready to get ready to unlock your inner athlete!! 










The Ultimate Circuit Challenge

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey through four epic zones that will put your overall fitness to the test. Our circuit-style workouts are designed to ignite your inner fire and push your limits, regardless of your current fitness level.

With options for both low and high intensity, the Limitless Fitness Challenge is tailor-made for everyone, from fitness enthusiasts to beginners.

Unleash your inner champion, break through barriers, and discover a world of endless possibilities in the pursuit of a fitter, stronger you! Get ready to shatter limits and redefine what you thought was possible. The adventure starts now!


Zone 1 | Hot in Here

Focus: Bodyweight Proficiency & Leg Endurance

Testing: How Quickly Can You Move Your Body in Space?

Avg Time to Complete: 15 Minutes

Zone 2 | Riding Dirty

Focus: Time Under Tension

Testing: How Does Your Body Perform Under Fatigue?

Avg Time to Complete: 15 Minutes

Zone 3 - Jump Around

Focus: Coordination & Athleticism

Testing: Can You Move Efficiently While Staying Coordinated in Your Movements?

Avg Time to Complete: 15 Minutes

Circuit 4 - Take Me Home Tonight

Focus: Stamina & Functional Strength

Testing: Can You Move Weight Functionally For Distance?

Avg Time to Complete: 15 Minutes


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